Calling all Cosmonauts!

Welcome to Torchship, a roleplaying game and worldbuilding project set in a retrofuturistc galaxy, inspired in equal parts by pulpy television serials and hard science fiction.

It is the year 2169, two hundred years since man first stepped foot on another world. Emerging victorious from their first war in the stars, a united post-capitalist humanity finds itself in a dark and unexplored universe, surrounded by mystery and danger. It's up to the torchships of Star Patrol to light the way!

Torchship is a d6-based roleplaying game, custom-made for action, exploration, and hard questions. With a mixture of skills, traits, and personalities, you build your unique bridge crew of human, transhuman, and alien explorers, as well as a customisable starship. Adventures are episodic in classic fashion, but supply issues, battle damage, character relationships, and the changing political landscape persist.

While the game can be played with no setting knowledge, a part of the fun of this sort of sci-fi roleplaying is drawing on a canon. This site will act as an ever-evolving look into the universe, to provide inspiration and detail for your stories, if you want them.

Under Construction

With certain social media websites in flux at the moment, we're putting up the website early to give people a place to watch. The site is incomplete and might be broken; early days.

Follow this page, our tumblr, our discord, and Erika's Twitter (while it still exists) for updates.

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